Apple a Day Program


Kids First

When a child has their own device to connect, cope, and get creative, it allows them an outlet to deal with their disease. In their own way, on their terms. Your child’s new tablet or smart phone will open their world to extend their reach beyond a hospital bed. Most importantly our hope is that your child feels like the community is right there fighting alongside with them.

Bringing Joy

Children should be outside playing with their friends, not stuck in a hospital. While these brave kids fight an unimaginable battle, it is our mission to bring joy, laughter, and to put smiles back on their sweet faces!

iPads, iPhones, and more!

Surprise! We love surprising our kids with their devices! We do that in a number of ways depending on the health of your brave child. We’ll come to your home, meet your family in the hospital, or do an in-store surprise with our friends at the Apple Store.

Our Mission

What’s our Goal

Our mission is to bring joy into the lives of pediatric cancer patients though friendship, communication, sharing, and entertainment. When cancer treatment prevents or hinders normal childhood experiences and interaction, technology can become a welcomed bridge. This bridge also brings comfort, security, laughter, and a sense of normalcy in an otherwise scary and isolated battle.

Our vision is to provide devices (tablets, smart phones) to pediatric cancer patients ages 2-17 years-old, so that they may experience simple joys such as listening to music, FaceTime/Skype, taking pictures, text messaging, playing multi-user games, reading books, watching movies, keeping up with schoolwork… basically the ability to stay in contact with family, friends, and the world.

Our Brave Kids

These kids inspire us every day!

Contact Us

Visit us or drop a line

Our mailing address is Apple a Day Program, 2 Pennsylvania Plaza 17th Floor New York, NY. 10121. In New York, contact New York Liaison Joe Pardavila at