How Was Apple A Day Program Started?

Radio personality Jayde Donovan founded Apple a Day in loving memory of a friend she lost to neuroblastoma- Brittany Hamilton.

Jayde met Brittany in 2008 at Fashion Funds the Cure, an event benefiting the Pediatric Cancer Foundation—dedicated to the research to eliminate childhood cancer. Teenager Brittany Hamilton had been battling bone cancer for nearly a decade. The two became fast friends. Brittany was full of life, witty and very artsy. Jayde instantly fell in love. Over the course of her chemotherapy, it was clear that comfort was not an easy thing to come by. Trying to watch television or even using a laptop were not easy tasks. Jayde wanted to do something to help bring some joy and fun to Brittany, so for her 16th birthday, Jayde bought Brittany an iPhone. Little did she know the impact that would have.

(Image courtesy of THINK HEALTHY Magazine)

Brittany was able to reach the outside world again—to surf the web with ease from anywhere. She was able to text and talk and stay in contact with her friends and family, all in the palm of her hands. She could even sit back and listen to her favorite music (or radio station) during her chemotherapy sessions. For the brief time that Jayde and Brittany were friends, Jayde's goal was to change Brittany’s life. She wanted to show Brittany the world of radio, music, & bring joy to her life.What she hadn’t realized over the course of their friendship, was that Brittany would teach her more than she could've ever known. Brittany passed away in 2010, losing her battle to bone cancer. Jayde was devastated. She wanted to do something for Brittany's memory to live on.

While having lunch with a friend, Jayde mentioned her gift to Brittany. Her friend suggested Jayde expand the idea on a much larger scale and help other children and teens suffering with illness. That’s where an Apple A Day comes in to play.

“Apple A Day.” Jayde said. “The name just hit me. I know it’s not going to cure cancer or change the world. But this small device can really improve the quality of life for that child; it can change that child’s world. I've seen it firsthand.”

The Apple A Day Program was launched on April 22, 2011… Brittany’s birthday. Apple A Day provides devices, such as tablets, iPhones, iPads, other smartphones and laptops to children ages 2 to 17 undergoing cancer treatment, at no cost to them or their families. How can they do that? With support from the community and people like you!

Since launching the program in 2011 Jayde and her team have presented 500+ iPads/devices to children fighting cancer. She is currently in the process of expanding her Apple a Day Program beyond Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.More growth means keeping more kids connected. With every smiling child, Brittany’s memory lives on.

Apple a Day Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Florida and New York. Apple a Day Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Download our IRS letter of determination (.pdf).

Our Team

  • Founder, President & Board Member - Jayde Donovan
  • Director of Operations - Tara Gill
  • Vice President & Board Member - Patricia Louzon
  • Director of Tampa Events & Board Member - Stephanie Sabota
  • Director of Orlando Events - Michelle DiCicco
  • Director of NYC Events - Sara Ray
  • Board Member - Kyle Matthews